Saturday, 31 July 2010

Camel hues are big news for coats and shoes this Autumn

Where would be without our dreams? It's fun to daydream about desirable objects every now and again, like some art for the old tootsies in the form of shooooes!  Right now, these beautiful, completely impractical and for most of us, unobtainable Louboutin Shoes are lighting up my mind.  They look wonderful but they are not the shoes for a mother of three with a calamitous ability to trip over a flat surface.  I'm not sure a £500 shoe would look so good covered in scuffs with the red soles flapping like a dogs tongue, but still, I can dream...

The wooden platform heels and the grey leather uppers would add style and chic to any summer outfit.

iconThese fabulous shoes by Rare are just the ticket, lovely sturdy high platforms and fierce cut out detailing make a much healthier price at only £49 - great for summer weddings.  Find out more about these fabulous Rare Platform shoes here!


The perfect shoe shape to look out for: Louboutin Camel Peep Toe Shoes  Camel is having a new fashion moment this Autumn, it's the perfect transgression from the current nude hues that summer is enjoying.

So layers, of sticky toffee, caramel sauce and camel hues are the look we're aiming for.  It's grown up and chic and you can avoid the Del Boy/Arthur Daley trap by adding fierce heels and ladylike accessories to your camel coat.

Max Mara's camel coat

I am such a style icon yar

As camel coats are a classic investment, they make for the perfect vintage purchase: Click here to search for Vintage Camel Coats on eBay.

Lily Cole rocks a vintage camel coat

Grown up satchels with a more structured shape bring the camel hue look together perfectly.  The Alexa by Mulberry is the perfect bag for now.  

The Mulberry Alexa Hobo £795 Buy the Hobo Alexa at John Lewisicon


Seach for bargain Alexa Bags here!

Alexa with her ubiquitous Alexa

Or choose this simple leather messenger satchel number only £69 at Boden

Friday, 30 July 2010

Guest post | The pros and cons of reusable nappies by Aqeela

I am delighted to have enlisted some other blogging parents from British Mummy Bloggers (take a look - Dads are welcome too) today is the turn of Aqeela a 26 year old housewife and Mum to a one year old little boy, she has aspired to live the green life since before it became "fashionable." 


on TUESDAY, 11 AUGUST 2009

The pros and cons of reusable nappies.

Ever since I found out that I was pregnant I felt determined to use re-usable nappies. For me, the main bonus was the lack of waste involved. We live in a very disposable society, we are so wealthy that we struggle to find the justification for being frugal (unless it comes into fashion as it is doing now… but that’s a whole other blog post!). So the fact that a household with one baby can fill their rubbish bin half full each week with just nappies alone horrifies me.
As well as saving on waste (and 50 million disposable nappies are dumped each year in my city alone), I knew that buying re-useables would also save us money in the long term. Of course in the short term we needed to find a lump sum to buy a whole load of nappies (that’s where our very generous family stepped in Alhamdulillah) but over all the cost would be far less, even more so if we go on to use them for our next child or children insha’Allah. But in all honesty, cost wasn’t really a motivation for taking the re-useables route.

Disposable nappies are made of a combination of paper, super-absorbent chemicals and plastic. It could take hundreds of years for the plastic in disposable nappies to decompose, not to mention all of the methane and toxic gases which are being produced by those piles of used nappies as we speak. I don’t want to dump my problem on to the next generation, and the next, and the next. And as i don't use any chemicals on my own skin, i wouldn't want the chemicals in a disposable nappy rubbing against my baby's pure little bottom either.

My husband was much less enthusiastic about all of this; he was concerned about the extra stress of washing all those nappies every day, and then trying to get them dry in our tiny and sheltered garden. But I persisted, did a lot of research, and brought him round to my way of thinking. Go Aqeela!!!

I wasn’t concerned about the extra amount of work involved in taking the ‘green option’. Pah, another load of washing in the machine every day, I'll have bags of time! Id much rather put all those future generations before myself!! (Currently rolling eyes at my naivety in my perception of how much free time I'd have – or rather not have - with a baby in tow).

So I went to a local 'Re-usable nappy specialist' to find out more. It was great to have a real person to speak to and to be able to ask questions about the nappies and the benefits, the down sides, the different styles and types, and the different brands. Much easier than spending hours trawling through websites. (In the UK, if you go to your local council website they should be able to give you information on this). After this, I went home to hubby to speak really fast in excitement and show him a million Google images and websites. I was 100% convinced that this was the way forward for us.

After much research and discussion we went for the Tots Bots brand and bought the ‘birth to potty EasyFit’ bamboo nappies. We chose bamboo rather than cotton as the bamboo towelling is a natural material which is more absorbent and faster drying than conventional cotton towelling. If it’s faster drying we’ll take it!

So, what’s the verdict I hear you ask?! Ok, for online reviews of Totsbots nappies look hereTots Bots Review. For my opinion, read on.

What nappies did you use?Tots Bots birth to potty EasyFit’ bamboo nappys.

How much were they and where did you buy them from?

£232 for 20 nappies, a roll of nappy liners and a potty. I bought them from Natural Baby - They were the cheapest I found, even cheaper than the Tots Bots site, and the service was great – I think the nappies arrived in 2-3 days.

First impressions?
Nice looking and well made nappies (Extra bonus – they are made in the UK). Fun colours (I was worried that the lilac was a little girly for Dave but they look just fine when they are on).

Are they easy to use?
It took me a few weeks to really get used to them; however that’s much more to do with me being a first time parent who had never changed a nappy pre Dave. You simply put the booster pad in a sock like pocket which tucks inside the nappy, then place under baby’s bum and use the Velcro to fasten. There are 3 sets of poppers on this nappy so that it will fit from age newborn up to 3 years when your child will probably be potty trained.

Will they really go all the way from birth to potty?
I believe in terms of manufacture that yes, they will last for a few years, long enough for a couple of children or more id say. In terms of size, they were a little big on Dave (born relatively big at 8lb 1 oz) until he was 5 weeks old. Then they were more snug. When he reached about 10 weeks old we moved onto the middle set of poppers. I have a friend who had her 2 and a half year old in them and they fit fine on the maximum size setting.

Have they ever given your baby nappy rash?

Do re-usable nappies leak?
I’m afraid they do! Not all the time, probably once every 3 days to be honest. However, I do find that my sons vest is slightly damp around the edges between his legs, where the dampness has spread from nappy to vest. This has happened nearly every time ive come to change his nappy.

As for night-times – don’t have your baby in these nappies over night. They leak, big time! Almost every morning my son would be lying in a damp patch. My friend who used these nappies with 10 month old twin boys also had the exact same problem. Instead, i now use these nappies at bedtimes – they are disposable, but are biodegradable and chemical free. Even the packaging is 100% biodegradable. They are available worldwide. And I give them 5 out of 5 for everything, they are great!

How often do you need to wash them?
I have 1 child, 20 nappies, and wash them every other day.

How long do they take to dry?
The same amount of time as any other washing.

Do they smell?
They don’t smell when your baby is wearing them, or while they are waiting (in my case 48hours) to be washed. They do smell when you have to open them all up and unfold the booster pad as you are loading your washing machine! Its slightly annoying that you have to unfold these dirty nappies, it takes about 5 mins just to load the machine and its a bit of a dirty job. Id much prefer to be able to just chuck them in the machine and go.

What do you wash them with?
I wash them on 60 degrees using bicarbonate of soda. I fill the fabric softener department of the washing machine with distilled white vinegar and about 10 to 15 drops of essential oil (usually eucalyptus) which freshens them in the final rinse.
Do you have to soak re-usable nappy's?
I don’t soak the nappies before hand, unless it was a pretty explosive poo! (In which case I wash under the tap, and leave the wet nappy with all the other dirty ones ready to be washed later.)

Do they come clean?
They do. On the odd occasion that they stain, the sun will bleach the stain right out while they dry on the washing line.

Overall, how many stars would you give the Tots Bots birth to potty EasyFit’ bamboo nappies?

Whats your verdict on re-uables per se?
Go for it - the positives outshine the negatives. Im so glad ive done it this way.

There are definitely lots of reasons for and against using washable nappies.  Let's hope Aqeela has helped shed some light on the subject.  Thank you Aqeela!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Best Italian in Southsea, best vegetarian food in Southsea, Portsmouth

Soprano's Ristorante Italiano have recently revamped their website.

Take a look and book a table.

Soprano's, for the best Italian in Southsea, Portsmouth, with delicious vegetarian food, head to Soprano's where you will always receive a warm welcome from friendly staff headed by the lovely Sandy and Tommy and the most amazing pasta and pizza dishes ever. Children and babies are always made to feel welcome. It's very popular here though both at lunch times and in the evenings, especially at weekends, so ring ahead and book a table to avoid disappointment.

 There are too many scrummy vegetarian food options to mention, but my personal favourite is the Primavera Penne – £7.65
chunks of aubergine, courgette and onion with a handful
of rocket, all dressed in Napolitana tomato sauce washed down with a Peroni beer. Mm, mmm! Another great choice is the vegetarian mezze platter only £9.95 and perfect for sharing on sunny day watching the world go by on Palmerston Road in eclectic Southsea.

Join their Facebook group for the latest offers and exclusive deals:!/group.php?gid=5029484286&ref=ts

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Feature Competition ! Please send photos of your favourite outfits, all ages welcome!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, babies, pets and anything you can put a garment on !

Do you love fashion? Are you a fashion blogger?  Do you think you could put an outfit together better than all of us fashion bloggers? Do you have a super-stylish baby or child or a favourite dress that belonged to your mother, dogs with funky togs or an outfit that makes you feel amazing?

Image courtesy of Casey's Elegant Musings 

Would you like to be featured on the pages of our blog: for the whole world to see?

Image courtesy of Kai Smart

Image Courtesy of Best of Dax, 2008

Image Courtesy of Idhren

Send us pictures of your favourite outfits and we will choose the top twenty and re-post them on Then everyone will get the chance to vote for their favourite photos and outfits - the top ten will be made into a feature for Headhuntress In Hampshire!

So, ladies, men, babies and girls, try and photograph the whole outfit and tell us where you got all the items from, e-mail to:

Closing date: 30th August 2010

Coat-hangers need not apply.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bargain Discount Schuh and Irregular Choice Shoes

Irregular Choice cortesan pale blue shoes, buy here £64.99 reduced to £45!  For total decadent foot pleasure with their velvet lined interior and sumptuous pale blue and gold leather exterior, slip your tootsies into a pair of these fabulous Irregular Choice shoes. 

Schuh T-bar vintage style purple shoes, buy here Were £64.99 - now only £35, so gorgeous and comfy.  You will live and die in these glossy round toed shoes.

Schuh natural heeled brogue shoes, buy here £64.99 reduced to £35.  The perfect summer office shoes, sturdy, comfortable and stylish and even more tantalising now that they are discounted in the sale.

Schuh suede sandal buy now £69.99 reduced to £35!  So sexy and perfect with summer dresses, you've got to lurve these statement heels.  I know that every girl loves a pair of discount shoes.

Massive sale now on at Schuh - huge discounts - don't miss out! 

Click Here For Schuh shoes on eBay - find even more bargains!!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Little Fashion Gallery - Top Designer Baby Picks - Baby Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is without doubt fashion's number one darling, so what better way to give a nod to his credentials then to dress your very own little darling in something from his Little Marc Jacobs designer children's clothes range?

Little Marc Jacobs Baby Vests (Click to buy)

How cute are these iconic Marc Jacobs vests with the days of the week on them?  LMJ!  Little Marc Jacobs designer clothes look gorgeous on babies and they're on sale at the moment, reduced to 69 euros for a pack of seven.  They are 100% cotton and perfect for keeping summer babies cool.  They even come with an adorable gift pouch bag for storage, what's not to love?

Little Marc Jacobs Sailor T-shirt (Click to see and buy)  from only 19 euros!

Little Marc Jacobs Boys Finn T-shirt (Click to see and buy)

This little boys t-shirt is just perfect with it's crazy colour stripes  in typical Marc Jacobs clashing signature style.  It's a real bargain reduced to only 30 euros as well!

Shipping to the UK from their Paris based store only 9 euros

Sunday, 11 July 2010

On The Rocks 1st Birthday Party

Wednesday, 14 July 2010
19:00 - 22:00
On The Rocks
227 Albert Road
Southsea, United Kingdom

Love Albert Road Day may be on hold this year.  But do not worry, you can come and join Albert Road's chicest accessories shop On The Rocks to celebrate their first birthday!   Everyone's invited to an Ibiza Hippy Party.

There'll be sangria, fun and lots of exciting new stock to check out from gorgeous necklaces to bargain pre-loved dresses.  Can't get a sitter?  Don't worry, bring the children!  I'll see you there.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Stella McCartney The Queen of Ethical Fashion Online in The UK - Top sale Picks


Stella McCartney sequin ball necklace


Stunning Stella McCartney necklace.  Sequin ball necklace rare designer jewellery.

Ships in 1-2 days.

Antique gold satin tiered necklace with gold sequin varying-sized ball drops for the perfect rare designer jewellery. Stella McCartney necklace has two strands, a gold-tone metal chain at back of neck and a lobster clasp to fasten to neck. Stella McCartney embossed on classic disc.

Was £394, now only £276

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Stella McCartney Canary Yellow Satin Clutch Bag




Yellow satin clutch bag with gold-tone-trimmed textured scalloped detailing. Stella McCartney clutch has a gold-tone zip around three sides, a designer-stamped disc and chain-link zip pull, an internal pouch pocket and is fully lined in satin. Clutch measures approximately 290mm long, 130mm wide and 50mm deep.

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Stella McCartney Stretch Platform Shoe Boots Bootie sandals


Ships in 1-2 days.

Black sandal bootie with stretch insert, cut-out detailing and an open toe. Exposed front zipper closure with gold toned trim, in-sole and heel. Height is 110 mm including a 20 mm platform.

- True to size.

- Tunit sole.



Were £539, now only £377

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Stella McCartney Cage Effect Yellow Satin Sandals


Yellow satin sandals with a heel that measures approximately 110mm / 4.5 inches with a 10mm / 0.5 inch cork platform. Stella McCartney sandals have a cage effect, an open toe and a silver-tone buckle fastening at the side. Designer color: Sunflower/Biscuit.

- True to size.

- Tunit sole.


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Stella McCartney knitted jumper dress


Was £464.09, now only £234.10


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Stella McCartney Runway Rose Print Pleated Chiffon Top



Was £858, now only £598.80!

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