Sunday, 13 March 2011

Silent Sunday - 13th March 2011

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Silent Sunday

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Headhuntress' Music Playlist 10th March 2011

I haven't given my poor blog any tender loving care for a while.  The reason being that I have been
working on my new indoor market, Southsea Boutique Market. But  I have been dying to join in with Mumra's playlist, so now;s my chance.  If you click the button below, you can join the linky and read other bloggers playlists.  It's a great way to find out about other people and it's also a great way for potential new readers to find your blog.

 Mumra Playlist

I am obsessed by music and have a very eclectic musical taste.   I'm also quite technical in the way that I listen to music and will often get side tracked by the way riffs move and harmonies work before I hear the melodies.  This means that when I ever try and sing along to songs that I don't know really well, I get all the words completely wrong.  In fact I usually just make my own words up, which has become a running  joke amongst my children.

So, Mumra has shared her playlist for the gym.  I take my Soulwax, Nite Versions CD to the gym because as well as being brilliant and full of beeps and whizzes, it's really fast pace and gets me running better.  I like to do intervals on the treadmill, jog, sprint, jog, sprint, so this really gets me going.

This is a Soulwax mix taken from Youtube.  They are blooming brilliant encompassing electronic hyperactivity and a live band.  I always try and go to seem them if any of them happen to be playing locally.

I have a ridiculously huge music collection saved on various computers and MP3 players around the house and there's too much to choose from.  So I'm going to share some of my favourites from my Youtube account.

I'm also a big fan of Air.  I love their melodic low fi sound.  I have all their albums, but one of my favourites is the  soundtrack to the awesome movie The Virgin Suicides, you can view the video for Playground Love above which just captures the angst and mood of a 70s teenage love in my opinion.

This track, Mans Needs by The Cribs just reminds me of walking into Little Johnny Russells on a summer's evening with girlfriends and needing to dance before we even get to the bar.

The Cure are just completely brilliant, so moody, so cool.  I was introduced to this track aged 15 when my friend who was at boarding school in York made me my first mix tape.  The Cure are playing Bestival this year, I absolutely cannot wait.  It's going to be something else.  They have made some great tracks, all of them timeless, but I particularly like this one as it's one their earliest and so ahead of it's time.

Simian make incredible music.  Well, I say make, they are no longer together.  Such a shame.  I play both their albums, Skin and Chemistry over and over.  They have a unique sound, terrific melodies that hit the musical spot as far as I'm concerned.

I adore the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and I particularly like a good mash up, nobody does it finer than The Kleptones.  They were only introduced to me recently by a friend, but since then I've been hooked.  The track above sounds just gorgeous, perfect for a walk on the beach with your ipod playing.

I love the mood of this track.  Bouncy yet melodic. Such great production, yes, that means nothing to most people I know.  I just feel they have done a great job with the texture of the sounds, contrasting with vocals, guitars and layering. Fantastic.

As a vocalist myself, I hugely admire Minnie Riperton.  She absolutely has the best vocalist of all time in my opinion.  Controlled, a huge range and none of that Ms Aguilera warbly nonsense.  If you are not familiar with this track, you will have heard of her other big belter. "Loving You."  If you haven't, then look it up. Your ears will thank you for it.

So, I'm guessing this playlist will be a regular thing, so I'll wind it up for now so i have plenty to share with you next time! Till then I'll leave you with this XX remix of Florence and The Machine's, You Got The Love.  I am not a fan of Florence. I admire her work, but I find her a bit shouty, but this track is totally brilliant.  Yes it is.