Sunday, 27 February 2011

The Kitchen Sink, Silent Sunday 27th February 2011

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Silent Sunday

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Silent Sunday - 13th February 2011

If you would like to take part in Silent Sunday, one picture, no words.  Then click on the button below to see Mocha Beanie Mummy's blog.  Here you can also take a look at all the other brilliant pictures without words, leave comments and follow new blogs.  Ssssh.

Silent Sunday

Friday, 11 February 2011

My Meme - Seven Things You Don't Know About Me

"I've been sent the same meme by @MamaMcCann, @ElsieAnderton and @SuperLuckyDi 
I didn't know what a meme is, so I asked a few people.  These are the answers I got.  I am still none the wiser.

"Meme is a tautology of the word 'me' as a geek-spawn egocentric put- down."

"Abby, a meme is basically an idea or creative thing that flies around the internet at high speed. Mock motivational posters, LOLcats, owls going O RLY, people writing the same shit in their status..."

"Meme stems from the word memetic, which was what scientists jokingly referred to sounds or images which are passed on as a play on the word genetic and it stuck. Coined by Richard Dawkins no less."

So, yes yadda yadda, this is a difficult one, I'm a blogger, I regularly lay my gizzards on the table for all to see but here are seven things you probably don't know about me.

  1. I never brush or comb my hair and I haven't been to a hairdresser in eight years.  I snip the ends off when I remember and I dye it myself, because I am basically traumatised after a really revolting haircut that made me look like a small boy back in 2003.  I did have my hair cut a few years ago by my tree surgeon (second) ex-husband with his bonsai scissors.  I kid you not.

2.  My left ear is pierced seven times.  The first hole was done properly when I was ten.  The other six were done by myself when I was sixteen and clearly going through a self harming goth phase.  I also pierced my own nose.  It didn't work.  I used a normal stud, so when I put the nose stud in, it just sank straight into the massive hole that had been left there. 

It was not an attractive look.  I swapped it for a hoop, hoping to rock the Lenny Kravitz look, but instead, with my super wide Asian nostrils, I just looked like Miss Piggy.  So, it was incredibly short lived.  Six months later I stopped wearing all the earrings too.

This man is not my sixteen year old self, but it's a very similar look
3. When I was seventeen and living in Yorkshire I met my first ex-husband.  A week later I moved in with him, he lived near Portsmouth.  I told him I was twenty and I told my parents I had acquired a scholarship at a stage school in Guildford. 

I kept the lie up for about three months, even though everyone sussed me out after about a week.  What a big fat liar.  It was truly horrible and mortifying, I do not recommend lying to anyone as you always get caught because it's just not the truth, especially elephant sized whoppers like that.  Somehow, we stayed together for ten years and we had our first child just before I turned twenty one. I can't believe I am sharing this with you! Unfortunately, we divorced in 2003  coinci-mentally when I had the tragic boy haircut...

Pinocchio was the only person who lied his little arse off and still looked cute

4. Keeping in with the theme of my clearly being an over impulsive spontaneous-ist.  I finished my open university exams for Health and Social Care, put my pen down and vowed never to work in that line of work again. 

 I only got into Social Work so that I can know everything there is to know about it for when it's my turn to take care of my highly dependent sister who has cerebral palsy.  I think I probably know a bit too much now.  So, anyway, I put down my pen and decided that I would set up my new business.  Which has digressed muchly over the last five years, but I think I've found my niche now.

See to find out more about my business

5. I'm not just into writing.  Check out my novel's progress here: Abigail Pallant-Sidaway... I am mad about music too.  I don't talk about it much but I am a singer and really hope to find a new band to join soon.  Here are a few songs from dodgy rehearsals...


 6. I am obsessed by Charlie Kaufman movies.  I love a lot of films, the stranger, the darker, the more interesting, the better, such as Tim Burton's and Quentin Tarrantino's offerings.  But Charlie Kauffman manages to serve up a little pot of magic with each of his films.  He manages to turn huge Hollywood actors into entirely different characters.  Think of the beautiful Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich:
Yes, this is Cameron Diaz in Being John Malkovich if you haven't seen the film, see it!
His script turned Jim Carrey from a rather annoying over the top comedy genius into a sweet, sensitive complicated character and proved what an incredibly diverse actor he is in Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind.  He also created a terrific mind blowing story line which makes me want to watch the film over and over and over and over again. Human Nature with Rhyss Ifans as a feral ape man is also genius as is Adaptation which turns Nicholas Cage into a balding tubby middle aged rather humble man.  This reminds me, I have yet to see  Synecdoche, New York. His imagination is huge, I wish my brain worked like that.

7. And for my seventh and final snippet of useless information that you might not know about me. Um, what can I write?  I can only think of gross things that nobody wants to know, indiscretions I'd rather forget, habits that are best left unspoken of.  

Hmm.  What can I write that would be interesting that I haven't already said?  I'd really like to go into greater depths about music and movies, but that wouldn't really be about me would it? Okay.  I want to tell you that my favourite book is White Teeth by Zadie Smith.  

But I also want to write something more in depth than that. Alas, I can't think of anything juicier than my previous revelations.  

So, I will just tell you that I am a hat and high heel addict.  I am usually sporting a cloche hat and platform shoes combination.  two different periods of fashion, quite a contrast, which is me, Mrs Ambivelence Contrary-Juxtaposition should be my name. Anyway, I've been buying loads off the high street these last few years. I really am having a fashion moment as cloche hats and platforms are currently in.  However, it's a look I have been sporting since my teens and a look I will be sporting for many years to come.  It's my Winter outdoor look.  It is not suitable attire for the mother of a fourteen year old.  It is why I am mutton dressed as spam.

My latest inappropriate footwear purchase
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