Friday, 16 April 2010

Double Denim

Arcadia Group Brands Ltd

So, will you be doing double denim this season? I'm not sure I'm ready to walk down the street without feeling like a member of 90s girl band Bewitched. Young men with style and a lead strong ego can breezily sashay aloing The Rue de Albert sporting the above Topman look and not look silly. But don't you think it still smacks a little of Dexy's Midnight Runners? Add the little PE plimsoles and a cheeky red bandanna and hey, come on, Eileen Taloo ra aye, come on. I mean COME ON my friends!
This is D&Gs 2010 offering.  Looks great because she's a 5 foot 10 Amazonian Goddess.... But on us mere mortals?  Which begs the age old fashion question - "Would they wear it in Wigan?"  Hmmm, well, I think they still do!

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Inject Some Feel Good Into Your Saturday

I know I'm always banging on about healthy eating and exercise, but I believe music is such an important part of a holistic lifestyle too. It really enhances the soul, it can lift you, it can annoy you and it certainly unifies whole groups of people in a way that religion and football can.

I love this tune, I am a huge Minnie Ripperton fan and this noughties version of her original 70s song is guaranteed to leave you feeling happy and rejuvenated.

Click on play, sit back and feel that smile creep across your face!

Friday, 9 April 2010

Autism Awareness for Southsea and Portsmouth

This poster sums up how I am feeling this week.

If there are any parents in Southsea and Portsmouth with children with Asperger's I'd love to hear from you. There doesn't seem to be a support network round here!

My son was only recently diagnosed even though I have known for years that he has Asperger's. I finally went ahead with the diagnosis because his school were not taking him seriously and I was becoming increasingly angry with the way he was being segregated because of his behaviour instead of being helped.

 He is a very intelligent little boy and fortunately for me he is on the mild side of autistic so he is very loving. But he is dyspraxic which makes him clumsy at sport and he has terrible handwriting which makes literacy difficult for him and his organisational skills are horrific to say the least. This can cause meltdowns at school as well as the rest of it.  Hard work, routine and empathy at home has really helped.  But school continues to be a black hole of problems.  I shall persevere though.  Wish me luck.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Make Mondays Meat free with the McCartneys

As part of the Spring Summer 2010 Stella McCartney for GapKids collection, two exclusive tees will be sold in selected London stores to raise awareness for her environmental campaign, Meat Free Monday.

Printed on organic cotton the boys tee is a playful oversized superhero graphic while the girls tee features Stella’s signature Intarsia Leopard. Launching in selected London stores on Monday 29 March, these tees (priced £19.50) are the perfect paired down essential for every child’s summer wardrobe - allowing kids to create their own unique style statement.

As part of the Spring Summer 2010 Stella McCartney for GapKids collection, two exclusive tees will be sold in selected London stores to raise awareness for her environmental campaign, Meat Free Monday.

Meat Free Monday is an environmental campaign started by Stella, Mary and Paul McCartney to raise awareness of the climate-changing impact of meat production and consumption. Many people are unaware that livestock production is responsible for 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions – that’s more than the entire transport sector;

"This is something anyone can do; it is a tiny thing with a huge impact. Meat Free Monday is about us all taking control of the environment we live in for our kids and the generations to come. Whether you eat meat or not, you can be part of this decision to limit the meat industry destroying our planet's resources." Stella McCartney

Sunday, 4 April 2010

New In - Children's Stripy Top and Leggings Sets

Look at these fabulous children's sets.  Ultra chic and super cheap! Will you go for the Audrey Hepburn, Enfant Terrible or Robot prints? There are loads more to choose from - take a look. 
They come in four great colour ways, stripy red, stripy yellow, stripy blue and stripy pink.
We're mad about stripes here at Rare designer's - can you tell?