Friday, 9 April 2010

Autism Awareness for Southsea and Portsmouth

This poster sums up how I am feeling this week.

If there are any parents in Southsea and Portsmouth with children with Asperger's I'd love to hear from you. There doesn't seem to be a support network round here!

My son was only recently diagnosed even though I have known for years that he has Asperger's. I finally went ahead with the diagnosis because his school were not taking him seriously and I was becoming increasingly angry with the way he was being segregated because of his behaviour instead of being helped.

 He is a very intelligent little boy and fortunately for me he is on the mild side of autistic so he is very loving. But he is dyspraxic which makes him clumsy at sport and he has terrible handwriting which makes literacy difficult for him and his organisational skills are horrific to say the least. This can cause meltdowns at school as well as the rest of it.  Hard work, routine and empathy at home has really helped.  But school continues to be a black hole of problems.  I shall persevere though.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the struggles with your son's school and hope you are able to make some headway in the days to come. I am new to Southsea and have worked with children on the spectrum for almost 8 years, their parents never cease to amaze me with their dedication and endurance. Although I am not able to work yet (waiting on visa)I would love to get involved with creating a support group for parents/educators in the area especially if one doesn't exist yet!


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