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What Shall I Wear to a Posh Wedding? Designer Dress Hire
Okay ladies, try not to hyperventilate here.  But you know all that fashion that we love looking at and dreaming about, but we just have to leave it at that because it's only a dream right?  Flicking through Vogue and admiring the designer dresses or watching television and  seeing the celebrities looking amazing in their thousand pound dresses, why do we do it to ourselves?

Girl Meets Dress Ltd

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Well, it looks like all your fashion dreams could be coming true.  For the price you would pay for a high street dress for that special occasion, you could be wearing pure unadulterated designer dresses.  Let's face it, you might pick up a lovely Karen Millen or a sweet Coast dress for £100 upwards and you'll only wear it once, because once you've worn it to one event, you wouldn't want to be appearing on Facebook the following month wearing exactly the same thing.  So off that dress goes to the back of the wardrobe never to see the light of day again.  So, if you were going to spend that money anyway, why not go for uber fabulous?  Why not upstage the rest of the guests in a genuine Phillip Lim or a silk Miu Miu or a floor length Alexander Wang?

Hire a Herve Leger worth £1633 for only £119 Or Chloe or Miu Miu - there's lots to choose from!

Click here to Hire this genuine Jimmy Choo studded clutch - £79 - retail price £254

Click here to Hire this Royal Blue Silk Issa Dress £89 - retail price £321

This is my favourite, pure silk Issa dress with plenty of ruching, imagine flouncing about in this beauty!


Girl Meets Dress Ltd

That's it, it's so easy.  Browse online and make sure you give them at least four days notice before your event and you will be wearing the dress of your dreams.  Then when the party's over, send it back and start looking for your next dress!