Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Our Day Out To Vintage London

I've been working hard on The Boutique Markets  so this blog is rather neglected.  But I thought I'd share some of the gorgeous pictures we took when I joined up with Love Southsea for a fun day of research at Vintage London.

My daughter and her boyfriend - on the train to Vintage at Southbank

Louise, owner of Love Southsea and Mary, owner of Mindworks Hypnotherapy boarded a train with us dressed in our bestest vintage-esque outfits!

Arriving At Waterloo was like arriving on holiday - the sun was streaming through the rooftop windows  ready for a glorious day at Southbank.

Posers unite

I took this picture intending to Instagram it, the red and yellow paint looked so striking against the freshly laid tarmac, like road art graffiti, but not... 

Getting closer...

I can see the London Eye!

Oh, to be this young, beautiful and hip...

Can you believe they're not even fifteen years old yet? 


Could it possibly be this way?

Can anyone see the entrance?

Fiddledy-dee it looks like we made it!

Bargain little nick-nacks

Decoupage madness

Get yer tats out!

Everybody loves this boy

Mary gets a vintage up-do - Victory rolls!

Pop-up vintage tea room

Louise loving the Helter Skelter

Now where can we get a slap up meal?

Ooh, look, retro tourists!

Aching feet and a well earned rest for the young folk

Obviously, I was having far too much fun to take pictures of everything and some of the pictures I took aren't good enough to publish.  But we have been truly inspired by our day out, we're bursting with creativity now ready to bring new ideas to our markets.

To find out more about our indoor vintage style markets in Portsmouth and Southsea visit:

www.southsea.me for Southsea and Guildhall Boutique Markets


for the stunning indoor vintage style markets at The Square Tower.