Monday, 17 May 2010

Southsea Views and More Hampshire Tree Service Trees

The baby and I were up unusually early and with nobody else in the house, we decided to hot foot it down to the Car Boot Sale opposite Clarence Pier.  Okay, "I" decided and the baby ensued in his pram.  We walked down Clarendon Road where it was wonderful to see so much greenery in abundance within our fair city.  So I took some shots.  The above two trees were shaped by Hampshire Tree Services about 18 months ago.  Don't they look lovely?

These two trees are not far from my beloved Waitrose.  I remember when they were doing the work - I stopped by that day to stop and say "Hello," and people were stopping to admire what Hampshire Tree Services  were doing.  You don't often get that when people see trees being cut.  But Hampshire Tree Services always carry out their work sympathetically and with the best interest of the tree.  A friend of friend was due to have some work done by them a few weeks ago, but when he got there, he found there were blue tits nesting in the tree.  So they refused to do the work until the babies have hatched and flown.  You don't often get traders as conscientious as that do you?!

I love the way these benches echo the sea waves.  The light is not very good in this picture, but the modern lines of the benches contrast brilliantly with the ancientness of The Garrison church and the smart black Victorian lampposts.  You know if you see one of those types of lampposts, then you're on one of the more stylish roads in Southsea.

I didn't capture this very well as it had just started to rain and the sky suddenly went grey and overcast, plus there were pedestrians getting in the way.

These are not Hampshire Tree Services trees, but look how dark and sombre they are against the luminous new buildings at Gunwharf.  There is something sad about these trees waiting for their moment to bloom in the industrial confines of that car park.  I am sure next year they will be green and proud.  I also took the picture because I have never before been up that road in Old Portsmouth and I wanted to remember the majesty of the huge looming buildings that weren't even there a few years ago.  

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