Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Gallery White

The theme for this week's Gallery courtesy of the wonderful Sticky Fingers Blog is white.  Here is my youngest looking a bit of all white when he was a few hours old. I was desperate for a home birth and went to all the home birth classes.  But my instinct told me to have him at hospital after Aspie Boy was born lifeless and in need of revival ten years earlier after only an hour's labour.  Dizzy finally came out thirty six hours after my waters broke and with three midwives yanking my feet up behind my ears to avoid shoulder dysctocia.  At 9lb 3, he was a big boy, too big for five foot nothing me.  He had an infection due to labour taking so long and we spent a further seven days at hospital so he could receive antibiotics through an IV in his little hand.  None of the clothes I had brought with me fitted him, so he spent the night in a vest and wrapped in towels and blankets like little baby Cheeses.

It couldn't have all been further from the homebirth I wanted, but the whiteness of those towels highlights the purity and freshness of a newborn life making a much anticipated arrival into the world.    


  1. He is so gorgeous. I am so glad you posted this, it struck lots of chords. I did the homebirth classes then ended up transferring to hospital, finally giving birth and spending days in hospital with Miss L both on antibiotics. People who saw her pics were taken aback by the huge drip on her arm, not quite the newborn pic I had in mind.
    But you are so right, the newborn magic is very much there.

  2. I didn't get the waterbirth at home homebirth I wanted due to my own Aspie Boy deciding to arrive 6 weeks early.

  3. Utterly gorgeously scrummy xxx


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