Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Badger Sleep Balm, an insomniac's dream

Night-night Balm. Bought from Waitrose £4.79 promises a good nights sleep for baby. But does it do what it says on the retro kitsch tin?

Smells lovely and looks like a little tin of vaseline. My baby wasn't sleeping too well, as he had a cold and was waking up regularly so I bought this and then realised it wasn't going to be much good if he couldn't breathe properly. It certainly soothed him though when he was feeling better and I give it a little smear on my pulse points and under my nose when I want to relax after the baby and I have our evening bath. It's hard to unwind as a mother of three - there's always something to think and worry about. But the best thing that one can do is actually get some sleep and rest whenever you can. Easier said than done in my case.

It is a pretty little object for the dressing table and it smells nice and soothing. Combine it with a drop of oil and give baby a woderfully calming massage to help him through the night.

After a few days without any sleep I became so tired that the only comforting thought that came into my head was "cake," the word popped into my head like a sweet fluffy, iced, cherry topped light bulb, flashing luringly till I went to the shop and obliged.

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