Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Veggie Boy

I'm so pleased my whole family are now vegetarian. Well, the 11 year old is lacto-ovo vegetarian in that he has decided to still eat fish. But of course I never cook or prepare fish any more so he is largely vegetarian. It makes meal times so much easier.

At one point a few years ago, I was vegan, my husband was vegetarian and the older children were still meat eaters so I was cooking three different meals at once. But last lent, my eldest decided to become vegetarian too and has stuck to it ever since. I am so pleased that the 11 year old has joined the ranks. He has kept it up for two weeks and he doesn't seem to mind or miss meat. His Asperger's tendencies leave him asking for crab everytime I ask what we should have for dinner which is a but tedious to say the least.

Eating treats has become a bit of a nightmare in this house now that we are all vegetarian.  The thirteen year old and I are currently giving up chocolate for lent and we are avid boycotters of Nestle.  Anyway, this evening we had toffee flap jacks as a treat, so cheap and easy to make with cupboard ingredients, but I added Bonne Mamman confiture de caramel. Naughty but nice.


Brown Sugar

Toffee Sauce
As much as you dare!

Golden Syrup
2 tablespoons

1. Melt the butter and the Margarine in a deep saucepan over a low heat
2. add the brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of syrup and stir in until you have a brown paste
3. add in the oats, if you find it easier add them in gradually stirring and covering the oats with the paste
4. add a pinch of salt
5. Add the toffee sauce and stir this in until you are happy that all the oats are covered
6. spread the mixture over a non stick baking tray (or a greased baking tray). Smooth over with a knife making sure the mixture is even
7. Place the baking tray onto the middle shelf in a preheated oven (gas mark 5, 220 C) and bake for 15 minutes, checking the progress regularly. Take out when the mixture starts turning a golden brown.
8. Stand for a minute or two, then score the mixture with a knife into you portions
9. Cover the tray with something light such as a few pieces of kitchen roll and leave for up to 6 hours

Preparation Time: 15 Mins
Cooking Time: 15 Mins

Tip: The toffee sauce will make the flapjack chewy, if you want to make it a bit more crunchy then add a few minutes on to the cooking time

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