Thursday, 18 March 2010

Breton Stripes

Breton stripes.  They're blooming everywhere on the high street.  The Mango Collection is all about stripes and so are Warehouse, while good old Toppers are still featuring a large amount of stripes in their collection.

I have been trying to dress down lately but it's difficult to appease my typically ambivelant nature.  Stripy jumper - a gift from my friend, blue t-shirt underneath from Banardo's Marmion Road, destroyed Topshop skinny jeans and Fitflop Inuk boots.

So, posting the clothes I'm wearing is rather narcissistic to say the least, but that is the ambivalent world in which I live in. My parents being such opposites - Headhunter versus Western man, Green parent versus shallow fashionista, that's me and rather than battle with all, I have chosen to embrace both lifestyles.  I neither fit into the jungle camp nor the patriotic camp.  I flit back and forth between them both like a social caterpillar  munching up my beliefs and ethics as best I can along the way!  This outfit is practical but I hate dressing this way.  It doesn't look bad but I prefer more ladylike clothes, I'm a bit of a 1940s throw back.  The 13 year old says I dress like an old lady.  I thought she was merely trying to insult me, but on standing next to an old lady in Waitrose the other day, I realised that we were mirroring each other.  Fitted wool coat, check, sensible boots, check, thick tights, check, cloche hat, check.  The only difference was the 40 year age gap.   Oh well, there's nothing wrong with wearing your Sunday best every day I say.

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