Saturday, 20 March 2010

Eugenics and Darwinism

As the epic novel I've been working on for the last two years (what a megalomaniac I am!) is based around the benefits of hetrozygosity, I have been researching a lot of info on eugenics as I sit breastfeeding the baby every evening.  One of my characters is basically a devout old British racist who was involved in a secret mission with the Nazis to help implement eugenics.  I am trying to incorporate the same character to be involved in the US  "sterilisation of the idiots"  programme.  But all the information I thought I knew on Darwin himself seems to be flawed in that he was not looking to erase whole groups of people and his reflections were simply observations and were always presented as hypothesis and not any definites.

I am wrong, because I thought that Darwin began that very programme in the US but it would seem that programme was only based on his ideas.  Poor old Darwin though, he is also being blamed for the holocaust and for refuting the Old Testament as God could not possible have created the World in 7 days.  My father was a missionary and both my parents are devoted Christians, highly involved in the church in Yorkshire.  My Father is also a scientific man, he like most modern day Christians is happy to accept both the words of the bible and Darwin's discoveries.  At the same time though, God could have created the World in 7 days and then evolution could have done the rest afterwards, surely?  It is very hard to convince an atheist that anything God does is anything short of magic.  Because really there is no explanation is there?

So in turn, as I write my novel I could simply explain everything away in a Dr Who stylee, "Oh, no, we're all going to die!  But wait, it's okay - I can save the day with my magic sonic screw driver...!"  With no true resolvement in any of the situations presented.

That would be too easy of course, and I would like to give credence to my tale, so the laboured research continues.  Slowly but surely. And I have to say that I am on the "Darwin was a good guy" camp.

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