Monday, 6 December 2010

Competition winner - Fanfare Please!

Oh my giddy uncle, call me Bob.  The competitions were off to a right slow start.  I thought I was going to have to give the bracelet away to some random, just for the sake of randomness.

But luckily, "Super Lucky Di," lucky for me and not just lucky for she, came to my rescue and entered the competition and recommended my Facebook comp to all her friends.  Phew. There's one thing being unpopular. It's another thing when people don't even want your freebies when you're dangling them on a carrot stick.

Pah.  Oh well. Fortunately I also entered some brilliant blog hops/blog flogs courtesy of and also got a few more lovely ladies to enter.

I am very pleased to have met some lovely people on my journey of love mixed with a sprinkling of self esteem crushing.  (Just don't mention August's fashion competition, ok?)

So, the clear winner of this goigus bracelet:

She brought a little tear to my eye, brave lady, you follow people on Twitter every day and you don't know the half of what's going on behind their daily updates.  You know what they had for breakfast, you know how annoying their children are being, you know how many glasses of wine they've slurped their way through, you even know how they bake their banana bread.  But you just don't know everything until you read a little deeper.

Here is her answer:

"I would love to win the bracelet for my friend Helen as she is such a fab friend and has helped me so much I cannot begin to say. I had 2 lumps taken out of my breast and have had ongoing treatment for a blood disorder and she has helped mind my children and drive me to and from appointments - not to mention being there for me through all the tears and drama. She is an absolute legend and I love her to bits! The world is a better place with friends like her."

The winner is: Utterly Scrummy!  


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so very much. I'm now sitting her blubbing like a big sook. I can't wait to give this to Helen, she will be so thrilled. Like me she hardly buys herself anything, let alone lovely girlie things. I can't possibly repay all her kindness other than to say thank you and do all I can to help her in return, this bracelet will be a tangible reminder of how special she is and how much I value her friendship.

  2. Aww, that's so sweet. Your friend sounds simply amazing and so do you. A well deserved win, you are very lucky to have each other xxxxxx

  3. What a lovely winner! And thanks for mentioning me... PLEASE do run more competitions, these are both lovely prizes to give away!


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