Tuesday, 7 December 2010

My Year In Status - The Facebook updates you forgot!

I don't normally use Facebook apps because let's face it, they're complete garbage most of them.  But I rather liked this one, it makes a random collage of some your Facebook status updates.  This year has gone by like the speed of light, it's funny reading back.  But it feels like it all happened last week.

If you want to try it, get the app here: http://apps.facebook.com/my-year-in-status  I'd love it if you linked back and shared with me!


  1. What a fab idea! I have been making collages of my phone photos on picasa (makes it so easy). They are all so random and mixed quality but as a collage they work. It's kind of making sense of the year for me. Right I'll be back when I've done it...

  2. I love how yours has politics, births, birthdays, milestones and breakdowns! Very funny and moving too :)

    Here's mine - have linked to you

  3. I love this application, I did it last year and it was great to read back over my last few months of pregnancy statuses and early baby days.

    I've now just done one for 2010 :)


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